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Jason Ladopoulos
Chief Editor & Founder
Born in 1980, Jason Ladopoulos, son to Greek immigrants spent the first part of his childhood in Scarborough, Ontario.From a very young age, he developed a love for cars which he inherited from his father. The first “books” he was interested to read were automotive magazines.  Amazingly, he managed to memorize the specs of each car available on the market at that time.
At the age of 6, Jason’s family moved back to Greece where he grew up and further developed his love affair with cars. At the age of 12, Jason participated in go-kart events where he placed in the top three regularly. His dream was to one day drive in the WRC (World Rally Championship). Of course that never happened, but at the age of 20, Jason and two of his best friends bought a 1995 Peugeot 106 Rallye and participated in a series of self-sponsored local rallying events.In 2002, Jason moved to Manchester, United Kingdom to study computer science and graduated with an M.Sc. in Software Engineering. Amongst his university projects was an analysis of the ESP algorithm and how it can be improved. During his stay in the U.K., Jason attended “The Drift School” and “Rally School”, which were two courses that improved his confidence behind the wheel.In 2007, as an employee of Intrasoft-Intl in Athens, Greece, Jason led the company to a silver medal in the go-karting event, part of the Europe Corporate Games. Apart from his passion for cars, Jason enjoyed photography and video editing which soon made him realize that in combination with his love for cars and his software engineering degree, could turn him into a successful automotive journalist.In 2008, Jason founded two automotive websites, “www.i-test.gr” and “www.ecowheels.gr” which he operated successfully until June of 2011 when he moved back to Toronto to marry his childhood sweetheart and founded AutoMotoCanada.com. After two years of growth, a better name was required to match the quality of the content produced and as such, MotorPress.ca was it!He is now the father to a beautiful little girl and a handsome little man and resides back in Scarborough, Ontario.Jason is an active member of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA.org).
Steve Giftakis
Steve Giftakis
Steve begun his motorsport career on the PC, playing Need For Speed. He then took the next big step and upgraded to a Playstation 3 and took charge of Gran Turismo. He managed to get all the licences and finish the game within a week. He soon realized that virtual fun is not as good as the real thing, and he bought a Toyota Celica. Reality was hard to accept, that Celica was awesome in the video game but not too much fun on real roads, he decided to get a real job and a real sports car. His Infiniti G35 Coupe was the first car we featured on this website, and he is now a full-blown car-buff that enjoys being dragged along to every possible car event.Steve is a talented IT person and has a fetish testing infotainment systems. Last time Jason told him that he hadn’t even paired his phone to the test vehicle, he almost slapped him.Steve is an active member of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA.org).