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2018 BMW M5

by Jason Ladopouloson September 25, 2018
Editor's Choice Award
Best. Sedan. Ever.

2018 BMW 430i Gran Coupe xDrive

by Jason Ladopouloson September 5, 2018
Frameless doors and a fast back is all you need to pick it over a 3-series.


2016 BMW 340i xDrive

by Jason Ladopouloson May 27, 2016
Driver's Car Award
Can a new engine make it best-in-class once again?


2016 BMW X1

by Jason Ladopouloson November 5, 2015
The babyX is now as good as it should've been!

2015 BMW X6 M

by Jason Ladopouloson September 16, 2015
Is such a vehicle really pointless?


2015 BMW X6 xDrive35i

by Jason Ladopouloson August 12, 2015
Cramped sports cars that ride like salamanders have a new rival that looks like no other.

2015 BMW 435i xDrive Cabriolet

by Jason Ladopouloson August 11, 2015
Top Pick Award
BEWARE: “mass-drool-effect”


2015 BMW 428i xDrive Gran Coupe

by Jason Ladopouloson November 30, 2014
Top Pick Award
What happens when the 3-Series is a bit to ordinary for you while the 4-Series won’t cut it for you cause of the two doors? Well, the 4-Series Gran Coupe happens.

BMW eDrive meets BMW xDrive – a pioneering combination delivering efficient driving pleasure: The BMW Concept X5 eDrive.

by Jason Ladopouloson April 10, 2014
The new BMW X5 has already raised efficiency to a whole new level in the world of the luxury Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). BMW is using the New York International Auto Show 2014 to present what it sees as the logical next step towards bringing about a radical reduction in fuel consumption and emissions in the […]