2013 Ford C-MAX Energi

by Jason Ladopouloson November 10, 2013
Fuel Saver Award
This week found me driving with Green Ontario plates, which means my exhaust pipe is emitting zero emissions. Well that is not entirely true, as it depends how far I go. You see, the 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi with the green plates mounted on it is an Extended Range Plug-in Hybrid vehicle with the ability […]


2013 Mazdaspeed3

by Jason Ladopouloson November 3, 2013
Driver's Car Award
I’ve always had a soft spot for hot hatches. I just love how you can take a normal hatchback and transform it into a track weapon. The 2013 Mazdaspeed3 is one of the most hardcore hot hatches out there. The VW Golf GTi is down on power and the Subaru Imprezza WRX STi is a […]


2013 Jaguar XF AWD

by Jason Ladopouloson September 23, 2013
Editor's Choice Award
Nine years ago, I found myself behind the wheel of a Jaguar S-Type 3.0lt and I remember my excitement being short lived. The exterior was ruined by that hideous front grille and the interior was a let-down as well. Every aspect of it gave it away as a relative to Ford vehicles of that time. […]


2013 Hyundai Accent GLS Auto

by Jason Ladopouloson September 20, 2013
Getting from A to B can be done in various ways. If it’s close enough you can walk it and if it’s within the city limits you can take public transit. If it’s a bit further away you can take the train or the plane. All of those transit ways though compromise your sense of […]


2013 Honda Civic Si Coupe

by Jason Ladopouloson August 23, 2013
Kids that are into cars have a poster of some supercar on their bedroom wall. As they grow older and the day they will finally be fully licensed drivers approaches, that supercar poster has usually turned into a less powerful and much more affordable car that is now stuck in their mind to own. One […]


2013 Mazda 3 Sport GS-SKY Touring

by Jason Ladopouloson August 19, 2013
Mazda is a manufacturer with a racing pedigree who primarily delivers vehicles with a Zoom-Zoom factor. Skyactiv is their latest trend and is in essence the philosophy of optimizing the “ordinary” car and making it as fuel efficient as possible. By doing that, one would wonder if SKYACTIV contradicts with Zoom-Zoom. Can they coexist or […]


2013 Acura TL Elite SH-AWD

by Jason Ladopouloson June 18, 2013
When value for money is the primary objective, prestigious brands always start the rally against their competition with a handicap. Acura on the other hand is considered a prestigious brand that is all about good bang for the buck. Even in the category of performance executive sedans where competition is steep, Acura seems to have […]


2013 Honda Civic Sedan Touring

by Jason Ladopouloson June 13, 2013
Easy Living Award
The Honda Civic is most probably the most popular thing in Canada after the poutine. The 2013 model year is Honda’s reaction to correct all the things that went wrong for 2012 and the launch of the 9thgeneration Civic. Facing refinement and quality issues, the 2012 Honda Civic was a let-down. Have they been resolved […]


2013 Ford Fusion Titanium AWD

by Jason Ladopouloson May 28, 2013
Stunning Looks Award
The family sedan segment is a hard cookie to crack as it is over saturated and competition is steep. To be able to stand out, a radical approach is definitely required. Ford realized that and based on its Kinetic Design theme, released the all-new 2013 Fusion. The Mazda derived CD3 platform has been dropped and […]